Welcome to Valunity!


The unique value design tool.


Design values into concrete actions.
Get qualitative identification & interaction in your (brand-)community.

A novel & scientifically developed methodology.

As an analog workshop toolkit & (soon also) as a digital app!


“Be aware of the fact, that values shift!
Some of them stick, but some of them have to move
with the things happened around us.

Whether it's the bible or film, there is an author, who has a point of view. In the best example, the author just puts information in front of you & allows you to walk away with your own thought process.

Valunity is trying to get as close as possible to this.
It's a great tool for companies but also individuals, it's a process! "

- Chris Glass, 2021 Miami
Head of Membership Europe & Africa



uses valunity?

Valunity. - Wertedesign-Tool für Deine (Brand-)community

Brands & Companies

Valunity. - Wertedesign-Tool für Deine (Brand-)community

Associations & Organizations

Valunity. - Wertedesign-Tool für Deine (Brand-)community

Family & friends

Valunity has been developed

to make communities more qualitative:

The methodology is based on interpersonal values.

In the business context, this can be a brand community of a company or start-ups, an association / organization or, in private, a certain group of friends or families.



should i use the tool?


identification & interaction.



clarity & structure.


Helps to

make decisions.



profile & appearance.



commitment & loyalty.



time & costs.


Leads to

quality & effectiveness.

If Valunity. is used correctly and consistently, it can create added value on a wide variety of levels!


does it work?

Valunity. - Wertedesign-Tool für Deine (Brand-)community

The Valunity.Experience


The scientifically developed method is divided into three phases. When you have gone through them all, you can be sure that you will receive clear insights and concrete actions.

You can find detailed guidelines in the Valunity.Toolkit and on the Valunity.Experience posters.


Put your team together, choose a guide & choose your route.

Use the 12

Valunity values

(or your own)

to design your specific journeys.

Valunity. - Wertedesign-Tool für Deine (Brand-)community



Reflect on the way to the summit, overcome (at least 3) obstacles & grow on your experiences.

Gathers knowledge, formulates concrete actions & distributes responsibilities.

Once at the top?

Enjoy the clear view from the summit!

12 journeys

Valunity. - Wertedesign-Tool für Deine (Brand-)community

6 peaks

Infinite number of situations on the way up!



do you need for that?






Valunity. - Wertedesign-Tool für Deine (Brand-)community
Valunity. - Wertedesign-Tool für Deine (Brand-)community

A journey takes between 45-60 minutes.


The complete Valunity.Toolkit is designed in the scope of an

all-day workshop.

Valunity. has been deliberately designed as an analog toolkit.


Turn off your digital devices, don't get distracted and keep the focus, because the tool will need your full concentration.


Then there is valunity. namely

all the more effective!

Everything is in the toolkit

what the optimal

Valunity.Experience is required:


Valunity. methodology

Journey poster

Value cards

Sticky Notes

Faber-Castell pens


Not necessarily needed.


But if you want to be on the safe side, use the Valunity.Coach and thus guarantee that the methodology is optimally applied and the Valunity.Experience becomes an unforgettable and added value event.

"How do I deactivate my Instagram account?"

"How do I put my phone on airplane mode?"

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